Verein Berliner Künstler

Every year, Verein Berliner Künstler also known as VBK (or “The Association of Berlin Artists” in English) opens its doors to new members. Those, who were lucky enough to end up among the select few, get to display their works in a group exhibition called “Die Neuen” (“the new ones”) in the beginning of the following year.

The exhibition sprawls across the 4 main halls of the VBK building in Berlin Mitte and is largely self-organized. While the association provides the space and the general administrative support, the artists have to deal with the logistics and the marketing of the exhibition themselves.

I was asked to assist the group with the marketing aspect of things by producing a short teaser trailer that would be used for promoting the exhibition online. Primarily, this video was used in a large-scale advertising campaign across Facebook and Instagram. It also made appearances on the VBK website and the websites of the participating artists.

My focus here was to give a glimpse at the unique work of each artist, while making sure that the entire line-up looks cohesive and fits well together.

The choice of music here is quite unusual for an art exhibition video. Yet, it is intentionally designed to grasp and hold the attention of the viewer throughout the entirety of the teaser and to build suspense that would motivate them to actually come and see the art pieces in person.

Here is the final result:

As the exhibition was coming to an end, the artists asked me to create a little after movie using the same soundtrack, that they could add to their creative portfolios.

This time, my goal was to give a holistic overview of each artist’s work as well as carry across the sense of space and atmosphere of the exhibition to give a sense of presence to those, who could not be there in person.

To achieve this, I used a wide array of creative transitions and animations, consistently shifting between the wide shots and the close-ups to give an immersive sense of physically coming closer to the artwork to admire its detail. 

You can have a look at this extended version below: