Apple watch

As you can probably guess from the brand’s name, Apple Watch Armbands is a niche business that focuses on sale of interchangeable armbands for Apple Watch.

During our long-term collaboration, I was responsible for the majority of content creation in both photo and video formats.

My promo video production approach here was quite unorthodox. Instead of recording a myriad of disconnected product shots, I focused on creating individual clips or “scenes” that act as pieces of the larger narrative. 

The story is quite simple: a day in the life of a young couple. We follow them from the moment they wake up and through their daily activities until they meet for a date at the end of the day. Each scene shows them using an armband appropriate to the occasion.

This way, we could infinitely mix and match the scenes to use as building blocks for ad collateral, while still maintaining a sense of cohesion and attention-grabbing storytelling. For example, we could focus solely on “his” or “her” side of things, or only on the sports or the work aspect of their lives, and then target each of these ads to different demographics.

As a result, we produced 7 different ad campaigns that boosted product sales by over 270%.

Below, you can find two such examples. The first video is longer and showcases the full story of the couple, while the second one is solely focused on the woman’s point of view. 

All videos are in a vertical format to fit the Instagram stories placement. 

Their Story

Her Story

In addition to the variety of video materials, I also produced a range of product shots for the use on the company’s website and social media.

This simultaneous production of content for different channels allowed me to maximize my time as a content creator and ensure the abundance of content for many months in advance.

You can check out some examples of my photography work in the gallery below: